Three things are critical in helping people heal: finding one’s voice, breaking stigma by sharing one’s story in a safe environment, and speaking for system change. The Speaker Workshop is a chance for people who choose to share their personal experiences with domestic violence with parts of the community.

DVSD provides a small, safe space where survivors and those who have battered  practice telling their story to others and receive feedback from other participants about how they were impacted by the story. This feedback allows the speakers to feel confident that the conveyed their intended message. There are no formal instructional components to the workshop and no one is obligated to share.
The facilitators for the workshop give regular announcements about chances to speak to community partners.  DVSD’s Speaker Workshop participants have spoken t DHS branches, men and women involved in battering intervention programs, domestic violence coordinating councils, churches, schools and many other local groups.
If you would like to attend the Speakers Workshop as a guest or participant, please call Matt Johnston at 503-750-6779.