Survivor Collective Alliance Reaching Society (SCARS) is a partner of DVSD – as well as officemate.

SCARS is one of the only organizations of its kind in the nation. They provide peer mentorship to abuse survivors; which evidence has shown is a significant factor in their healing process. Through mentorship and help navigating resources, survivors begin to reach out beyond their own seemingly insurmountable circumstances and want to help one another move forward, each one encouraging the other in ways that only someone who has a common shared experience can.

Through Survivor-run peer mentorship and on-going responsive, inclusive, program development, SCARS will provide one-on-one assistance and create thoughtful, intentional relationships with participants and community supporters, thereby building a human bridge over the current gaps in services, providing access and guidance to navigate those services.

  • Peer Mentorship – providing survivor-run assistance to navigate resources, support groups, 24/7 (help line) support by text, phone, web instant messaging, etc.
  • A Healing Garden – providing participants with an inclusive, supportive community, education, therapy, fresh food, social enterprise, and more.
  • Transition Assistance – providing responses to employment and housing needs, and other situational needs (e.g. emergency backpack with supplies, transportation to shelter, etc.…).

Feedback about SCARS

  • “I wouldn’t have come at all [to the job fair] if I wouldn’t have received transportation with a peer mentor. If I would have made it here on my own, then I probably would have packed up and gone home after the third table.” (The participant had not handed out a resume by that point.)
  • “It took me a day to make the call to a peer mentor, even though my counselor referred me, but I’m glad I did.”
  • “It’s great to talk to someone else who understands what I’ve been through.”